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Family Harvest Club

Locally grown produce with natural and sustainable farming practices. We are now offering a flexible, affordable and family friendly option to provide you with fresh healthy produce mid-June through August.

Select the Membership Option that works best for you:

OPTION 1. Traditional Harvester (Classic CSA Model where we-pick and we-pack a share for you each week.)
Cost: $175 prepaid membership / ($155 season pass members)
Registration ends 06/30/17

This prepay-in-full option assures that each week a share of the harvest is conveniently prepacked for you and ready to pick up here at the farm during regular store hours on your choice of Friday -or- Saturday each week. You are guaranteed to receive a farm tote filled with a variety fresh produce and a dozen pasture raised eggs. This membership includes 8 weeks of shares beginning late-June.

OPTION 2. Modern Harvester (Flexible Model, you pack a share from a selection of pre-picked items each week.)
Cost: $25.00 per weekly box share / ($22.50 season pass members)
Registration ends 08/25/17

This plan is built for busy on-the-go families, or budget minded consumers wanting to participate in a CSA program that fits their needs. Modern Harvester’s claim their share by completing an online reservation for a box each week. Conveniently pay as you go from week to week. Reservations accepted Sunday through Thursday for that weeks’ share. Deadline is Thursday night at midnight, to give our farmers time to harvest and prepare share pick ups. To request a share box after the deadline, please email our farm market at to see what’s still available. You may pick up and pack your own share tote on either Friday -or- Saturday during store hours. This allows our members more flexibility to determine what goes in your box. You can pick sizes, varieties and omit items from that weeks harvest that aren’t appealing to your palate. Be aware some limitations may apply to ensure a nice variety for all shareholders. *Includes a dozen pasture-raised eggs

Partnering for Successful Sustainability

The produce we grow for your box is a selection of naturally cultivated fruits and vegetables grown with both non-certified organic and conventional methods to produce superior quality food that’s healthy and safe for our family and yours.

When supporting Lucky Ladd Farms you also support other local growers from our community that might not have a market for their products. We are proud to partner with these other small farms by enhancing your shares with their bounty to ensure a box full of flavor and variety. Working together helps everyone succeed and grow!