Barnyard Adventures & Family Fun!

About Us

Located south of Nashville, Tennessee, Lucky Ladd Farms is a 60 acre farmstead owned by Jason and Amy Ladd and their nearly 100 kids, all farm animals, of course.

Ladd Family

In 2007, the Ladd's began inviting local schools and church groups out to their home, cherishing the opportunity to share their wonderful life in the country and giving families the chance to see and pet the animals on the farm.

In 2008, the Jason and Amy set out on their next adventure and opened Lucky Ladd Farms, for all of life’s blessings which had been bestowed upon them made the Ladd’s feel like the luckiest people in the world.

Today, the Ladd Family is even more excited to continue sharing fun and educational agricultural experiences on their farm with friends and families across the United States.

We truly appreciate all the kind words from our family, friends and guests and are grateful for your continued support. Bringing joy and laughter to you and your family is so very rewarding.

We are proud to have been making memories and creating family traditions since 2007, and hope to continue providing an affordable entertainment destination in Tennessee. We are working hard to grow our operation, adding new attractions and improving our existing ones so that your family gets a new and unique experience year after year. We look forward to seeing your family soon for lots of barnyard adventures and family fun!

Jason & Amy