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Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Farm

2023 Strawberry Season Crop is Total Loss

Unfortunately the deep freeze and high winds we experienced December 23rd was too much for our strawberries to withstand. As a result, we've experienced a total crop loss and will not be able to offer you-pick strawberries during the spring of 2023. To say we are disappointed is putting it mildly as a lot of hard work went into planting and caring for the young berry plants. That's the ugly side of farming. Sometimes God and Mother Nature do things beyond your control.

Farmer Ladd and crew are working to see if we can provide an alternative crop for you enjoy this summer so you can still see an example of how a hydroponic growing system works for modern day farming. We will update as more information becomes available. Until then, we look forward to offering our sweet ripe berries for you to pick again next spring.

Have you ever seen food grown without soil?

Farmer Ladd is excited to share a unique hands-on agricultural experience with our guests. The only of it's kind in Tennessee that is open to the public, our new vertical hydroponic growing system showcases modern agriculture practices at its best. The system uses solar energy and a special drip irrigation system to feed over 15,000 strawberry plants. This revolutionary form of growing provides a more Eco-friendly and sustainable path to production than traditional farming practices, as it only uses 1/10th the land space and up to 90% less water. Growing popularity in urban areas, we'll show you how hydroponics is changing how farmers feed the world while promoting responsible use and protection of our natural resources.

IMPORTANT: Strawberry picking and availability is determined by weather, picking pressure and other factors. Because of this, we cannot forecast ahead of time when a field picks out each day.