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"Perfect golden hour shoot in the sunflowers!"Tammy S.

Ready to Capture Amazing Moments?

Lucky Ladd Farms provides a picturesque and fun backdrop for professional, amateur, and smartphone photographers alike. All creatives are welcome, but some will need to purchase a Photography Pass for professional shoots.

A professional photographer is anyone photographing or filming people, animals, or nature on our farm and receiving any type of compensation, such as money, trades, goods, services, or other like-kind considerations in return.

As a professional, we love the opportunity of having you and your clients make beautiful memories at our farm and in our fields. We look forward to working with you to create a positive and successful experience for all.

Please be aware our farm is open to everyone and we do not have a dedicated areas for professional photo shoots. Therefore it is important that you set the appropriate expectations with your clients, notifying them in advance, that there is a possibility other people may be in the backgrounds of their pictures, especially during popular dates and times. We offer one-day and full season photography passes. Both Photography Passes cover your personal admission when you have a scheduled shoot(s); site usage fees; and allows you the flexibility of rescheduling, and special access to purchase admission tickets for your clients the day of the shoot without having to worry about tickets selling out.

Lucky Ladd Farms provides an excellent backdrop location for all types of photo shoots and videography including: family photos; Engagement Photos; Engagement Photos; Senior Photos; Birthday Photos, Lifestyle Photos; Candid Photos; Outdoor Photos; Woodland Photos; Spring Photos; Summer Photos; Fall Photos; Easter Photos; Tulip Field Photos; Sunflower Photos; Pumpkin Patch Photos; Animal Encounter Photos; Animal Photos; Nature Photos; Scenic and Landscape Photography.

PHOTOGRAPHY ONE-DAY PASS COST: $150 for single day use during normal business hours, or for a single golden hour sunrise or sunset photography event scheduled by Lucky Ladd Farms.

PHOTOGRAPHY SEASON PASS COST: $250 per season with unlimited use during normal business hours, as well as on any golden hour sunrise or sunset events during spring, summer, or fall scheduled by Lucky Ladd Farms.

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NOTE: You will receive a request to upload your picture to your Photography Pass via email immediately after purchase. Your picture is required to use the pass. You will also receive a confidential link for scheduling session(s) and to purchase client tickets.

Professional Photography/Videography Policies


Photographers must purchase a non-refundable Photography Pass which allows them to schedule photo sessions at the farm. This pass covers general admission entry for the photographer when they schedule a shoot. The one-day pass is valid for one single-day use; whereas, the season pass is valid for spring, summer, and fall seasons during the year in which it was purchased in, and allows the opportunity to schedule unlimited sessions during all events that are included with a standard general admission ticket or for a special sunrise/sunset photo event. The solicitation of people at the farm for any services is strictly prohibited.


Photography and videography equipment including camera(s), bag(s), lenses & tripods are allowed. All equipment must be able to be carried in by hand or wagon provided by photographer as motorized vehicle access is not permitted inside the facility. Props, scenes building, sets, reflectors, light stands, and all other photography equipment etc. are prohibited so as not to interfere with other guest experience. Use of staged props and photography sets provided by the farm is permitted as long as you are considerate of other guests and do not monopolize the area so other guests and photographers may also enjoy use and access too. You may photography any area open to the public but employee only and closed sites are prohibited. Specific policy for drones listed lower on the page.


Photo sessions must be scheduled in advance and may only take place during normal daily hours of operation. Be aware hours of operation vary throughout our season so be sure to verify before booking. Also, be mindful of our closing time the day of your shoot and plan to end your sessions at least 15-minutes prior to our scheduled closing.

Select evenings have been set aside for photographers to reserve for "Golden Hour Sessions." These dates include: April 3, 4, and 5 -from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Tulip field; and June 26, 27, and 28 -from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Sunflower field.

After purchasing a Photography Pass, the photographer/videographer will be emailed a confidential link allowing special access to schedule sessions at the farm and to purchase non-refundable admission tickets for their clients and/or assistants for the day of the scheduled shoot. Tickets on the photographers link will not sell out. You must agree not to share this link with clients or anyone else, as only you have permission to use the link. Sharing the link will result in cancellation and forfeiture of both the Photography Pass and any tickets purchased through the link without refund.

The benefit of a photographers link is that you now have the option to either require clients to purchase admission tickets to enter the farm on their own accord, or the you can provide this service for them and arrange an arrival time that works best for you while also guaranteeing your clients admission/entry. Let's examine the difference a little closer...

  • If a photographer has a client purchase tickets for themselves, the client must go through our online public timed-ticketing system which only offers a limited number of tickets for very specific arrival times and is subject to sell out. It is not uncommon for popular dates to sell out days or weeks in advance. It can be risky to put this in the hands of your clients, especially if they are procrastinators.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to purchase admission tickets on behalf of your clients using your assigned photography pass link, which then gives your clients freedom to arrive at a time arranged by you and also ensures your client doesn't run into a sold out ticket situation resulting in them being unable to enter our facility.
We suggest building the cost of the admission tickets into your photography package pricing and requiring that portion be paid in full as part of the reservation deposit for their session. This way you have collected ticket fees upfront and aren't having to absorb these costs yourself. Please remember all general admission tickets are non-refundable regardless of the link used to purchase; in addition, tickets provide your clients to access to enjoy the farm park and attractions scheduled to be open on the day of your shoot.

Everyone involved in the photo shoot will need an admission ticket to enter the farm. (Children 23 months and younger are free.) Your admission is covered with your Photography Pass. Admission rates are the same price whether purchased through our public ticketing site or through the photographers confidential link.

NOTE: Please allow up to 72-hours processing time to receive an email with your confidential scheduling and client ticketing link.


Another benefit of your photographers link is the flexibility to easily reschedule your sessions and client tickets which is not always the case with our public online ticketing system. If purchasing tickets for your clients, then we suggest waiting until the day before your scheduled session to limit the possibility of cancellations and hassle of rescheduling as much as possible. If inclement weather is forecast, then you may consider waiting until the day of the shoot to purchase client tickets but know that tickets must be in our system at least two-hours before your clients are scheduled to arrive.


Photographers/Videographers and their clients should check-in at the Photography Pass line. Look at the overhead signs at admissions to locate the correct one. When using your photographer link, all admission tickets will be purchased under your name, therefore you will need to advise your clients of this so they can let the admissions cashier know how to properly check them in.


Any picked tulips, strawberries, sunflowers, vegetables, etc. must be paid for as they are not included with a Photography Pass, Admission Ticket, or photo session. It is only fair that everyone be respectful of our own personal hard work and financial investments to grow the crops and create the beautiful scenery that is being enjoyed at the farm. Pay for what is picked, even if it was an accident. We kindly ask you to also advise all everyone involved with the shoot of the u-pick you-pay policy.


Do not pick or damage any flowers, natural vegetation or other plant materials in our landscaped areas. Do not walk-through, climb-on or otherwise damage crops in fields, crops in containers, landscaped areas, including trees and flowerbeds. Adequate walking paths have been placed to avoid the need to stand-in or cut-across crops in the field. Remind clients to refrain from kicking/throwing rocks, mulch and sticks.


Fencing, rocks, ropes and other barriers between you and animals or non-public areas of the Farm are there to protect you and guests from harm. Do not enter non-public areas.


Pups in the Park are the only days dogs, other than trained service animals may visit our facility. They will be offered on a limited basis throughout our season for friendly pooches to enjoy a special outing with their family to the farm. Dogs must remain on a non-retractable leash at all times. For health and safety reasons, dogs are not permitted in animal areas, the strawberry patch, or on the Cedar Glade Trails. Additionally, dogs are not allowed to go in the corn box or on the jumping pad. It is your clients responsibility to ensure their dog is not aggressive towards other people or animals. As with any public space, dog owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of any pet waste immediately. Dog owners will be required to sign a waiver upon entry agreeing to take full legal and financial responsibility for their dogs behavior and actions including any injury or damage caused by their dog. There is a $10 admission fee per dog, a portion of which is donated to our local animal rescue. Admission tickets for dogs will be available through our online ticketing system and your photography ticketing link on eligible dates. Pets may not be kept in cars in our parking lots. We reserve the right to have dog owners remove their dogs from the premises for any reason at any time.


Drones are strictly prohibited from use on the farm property. Should we host a special date/time for drone operators to visit then the event will be placed on our upcoming events list and require a special ticket to be purchased in advance. A Photography Pass will not cover entry to designated Drone Days.


Anything photographed or filmed at the farm must be family friendly and cannot contain any suggestive images or profanity. Boudoir or scantly clad sessions are not appropriate for our facility as children may be present.


Commercial production for music videos, television and film is not permitted with a Photography Pass. For more information or to schedule your commercial filming or photography shoot, please email fun@luckyladdfarms.com with scope of project and preferred dates.


  • If you are scheduling more than one session, we recommend creating a free account with our scheduling platform "TicketSpice." You can do this after you purchase your Photography Pass. This will help you manage your appointments and make changes as needed such as rescheduling or purchasing tickets for clients.
  • Clients and assistants cannot enter our facility or fields without their ticket. It is the photographers responsibility to make sure their client(s) have their tickets.
  • Please be polite and respectful to all farm guests (clients or not) at all times. Do not monopolize our staged photo op areas or ask other guests to move from areas they are exploring.
  • If scheduling a shoot later in the day then plan accordingly so that you are finished at least 15-minutes prior to closing. If arranging for clients to arrive late in the day, then advise them they will have little to no time to explore and participate in park activities and attractions to avoid disappointment.
  • Bring your own baskets for tulip or sunflower sessions. Baskets may be available for you to use but we cannot guarantee that they will be available at the time of your photo shoot.
  • Remember crops are weather dependent and we cannot guarantee availability at the time of your photo shoot.


Not responsible for injuries or death. There are inherent risks of injury or even death when visiting a farm, around animals, or playing on a playground. Adult supervision required. Please review and share with your clients our full liability disclosures and waivers here.


Do not allow clients to chase, ride, hit, flail arms at, harass, or tease the animals. Do not allow them throw objects at the animals or into exhibits. Do not make loud sounds that might scare or spook the animals. Anyone found doing any of the above will be asked to leave the Farm.

Make sure to properly wash your hands after leaving the animal area. Remind clients to do the same. Have clients provide hand-washing assistance to minors.


All Farm Park animals are on a carefully structured diet. Introducing outside food can cause illness and even death to the animal. Approved animal feed is available for purchase from the Farm. Do not feed animals foreign objects. For good health and hygiene always properly supervise children and guests with special needs when interacting with animals. Use a flat hand when feeding the animals.

Animals approved for hand-feeding include goats, sheep, ducks, llamas and alpacas. Do NOT feed horses, donkeys, pigs, tortoises, birds, or rabbits from your hand as these animals will bite.

Make sure to properly wash your hands after leaving the animal area. Remind clients to do the same. Have clients provide hand-washing assistance to minors.


Animals and bugs may naturally carry diseases that can make you sick. These are known as zoonotic diseases. Some of the most common zoonotic diseases include:

  • Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which you can get from a tick bite.
  • West Nile virus, which you can get from a mosquito bite.
  • Salmonella infection, which you can get after handling a baby chick, chicken, duck, turtle or snake.
  • E. coli infection, which you can catch if you touch areas in a petting zoo or animal exhibit where some of the animals are infected.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your children from zoonotic diseases.

  • Closely supervise children in animal areas.
  • Avoid putting things in your mouth in animals areas.
  • No food, drinks, baby bottles, pacifiers, toys, or strollers should be in animal areas.
  • Always wash your hands for 20 seconds after being around animals.
  • Hand-washing stations can be found at the entrance/exit-ways of Lucky's Barnyard and at nearby restroom facilities. Additionally, hand-sanitizing stations can be located throughout the farm.
  • Properly sanitize any personal belongings such as shoes, strollers and clothing to kill germs that might have been transferred through contact with animals, their bedding or surroundings.
  • Protect yourself from bug bites by using repellent on skin not covered by clothes or shoes.
  • Check for ticks after you've been outdoors.

It's important to remember that anyone can become sick from a zoonotic disease, including healthy people. However, some people may be more at risk than others and should take steps to protect themselves or family members. These people are more likely than others to get really sick, and even die, from infection with certain diseases. These groups of people include:

  • Children younger than 5
  • Adults older than 65
  • People with weakened immune systems

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