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Tennessee Tulip Festival and U-Pick Experience

2024 Tulip Event & Picking Dates are March 16 - April 7
Tulip Dig Days will Start 4/10 through 4/21

The Tennessee Tulip Festival is a vibrant spring celebration at the heart of Middle Tennessee, near Nashville, Franklin, and Murfreesboro. Farmer Ladd and his dedicated crew have meticulously planted more than 700,000 tulip bulbs, showcasing over 100 different varieties of tulips. As the largest pick-your-own tulip farm in Tennessee and even the entire Southeastern United States, Lucky Ladd Farms offers an unparalleled tulip picking and field viewing experience.

Pack your cameras... tulip photography is a must! Take your time meandering through the multicolored tulip fields, soaking in the stunning views our Tulip Festival presents. This is the perfect place for both professional and amateur photographers searching for the most picturesque tulip photo opportunities near Nashville. Whether for capturing those Instagram-worthy tulip selfies or finding that flawless shot amidst a kaleidoscope of colorful blooms, our festival is a haven for anyone looking to immortalize the beauty of these flowers in their lens. (Learn more about our Photography Pass)

After wandering through our lively tulip farm fields, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the delightful activity of hand-picking and assembling their personalized bouquet of tulips. Picking tulips is a cherished activity for guests attending the event from Tennessee and beyond.

Please note, tulip season in is brief, with bloom periods lasting on average only 3-4 weeks. To ensure a full and enriching visit to our Tulip Festival, each guest aged two and older will need to purchase an admission ticket. This ticket grants you access to our beautiful tulip fields, along with Lucky Ladd Farms Fun Park and Zoo. While tulips are not included in the admission, they can be purchased separately, offering the chance to extend the joy of the tulip experience to your own home with a lasting, personal souvenir.

The Tennessee Tulip Festival at Lucky Ladd Farms will be a "MUST DO" on your spring bucket list so grab your besties, load up the family, or make a romantic date. Make sure to purchase your Tulip Festival and tulip picking tickets in advance as they are limited.

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Tulip bloom dates estimated. Follow #tntuliptracker for updates on Facebook & Instagram.

Advance ticket purchase strongly recommended. Ticket availability is not guaranteed at the gate. Season Pass Members do not require a reservation.

When is the Tulip Festival?

We will host the Tennessee Tulip Festival March 16 through April 21, 2024, even if tulips have not started or are already blooming!

Tulips are an agricultural crop and therefore the weather, in particular temperatures, determines when the tulips will start blooming and how long the blooming will last. We estimate blooms will start popping open mid-to-late March and continue through the first few weeks in April.

Tulip fields typically will not be entirely in full bloom all at the same time as we've staggered our varieties so guests may enjoy the tulips over a few week period.

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Follow #tntuliptracker for bloom updates, picking availability, and field conditions on Facebook and Instagram.

Tulip Bulb Dig Days

As the Tulip Festival winds down, we have scheduled our Tulip Bulb Dig Days from April 10 through April 21.

During tulip bulb dig days, you may purchase a ticket that allows you come in and dig up as many tulip bulbs as you would like to take home. You will need to furnish your own bags, buckets, or containers. Shovels and other garden tools are NOT PERMITTED. Our tulips are only covered in a layer of mulch making them easy to remove by hand. Gardening gloves are recommended!

Does this mean that there won't be tulips to pick or see? Once we begin tulip dig days this means the fields are no longer as picturesque or plentiful as we would like, therefore we no longer promote the photography or flower picking aspect of the event.

There will still be hundreds, if not thousands, of flowers in the fields but overall quality and longevity is not to our standards. You are welcome to still visit the farm, snap photos in the tulip fields, and pick tulips.

If planning your visit during tulip bulb dig days then we suggest purchasing the tulip dig day ticket option. You save money and can take home more flowers than if purchased individually picked tulips.

Dig Day participation is $25 per person when purchased online or $30 at the gate. Your ticket provides access to the farm fun park, petting farm and zoo, tulip fields and more. Be sure to select the Tulip Dig Day Participant option online, as this is the only ticket that includes the tulips and bulb digging. Season pass members may add tulip digging when checking in at admissions for $20 per person.

Admission is required ages two and older. Tulips and bulbs may be purchased separately during your visit for $1.50 each.

How to care for your bulbs? When digging tulips consider the following... If the foliage has not completely browned or at least prominently yellowed, then you will want to temporarily plant your bulbs in a shallow bed of mulch, sand, or peat to allow the it to finish its' recharging process. This is when the bulb is collecting and storing vital nutrients critical for the bulb to flower again next spring.

Once foliage has died back, cut it off at the top of the bulb. Then store bulbs in a cool dry place, out of sunlight. If possible, in early October place bulbs in a refrigerator to chill for 6-8 weeks, as our mild southern climate does not always provide the adequate number of cold weather days tulips require.

Bulbs may be planted in your landscaping or flowerpots in late November through the end of December. Tulip bulbs, and even the flowers, are cold hardy and can generally sustain the freezing temperatures we experience in our region.

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Tulip bloom dates estimated. Follow #tntuliptracker for updates on Facebook & Instagram.

Advance ticket purchase strongly recommended. Ticket availability is not guaranteed at the gate. Season Pass Members do not require a reservation.